What we do

who we are today

   Stillion Industries was established in 1973, and has always been driven to produce the best quality products in the most timely manner possible. Even in an ever changing society our goals and promises to our customers have not changed.

   Our specialty here at Stillion Industries is low to medium volume production and prototype work with steels, aluminum and plastics. Quantities from 1 to 2 pieces all the way into the thousands are not a problem in our facility.

   We are one of the few machining facilities around that have more turning capacity than milling. But don't let that fool you! Our milling capabilities are just as advanced, and precise as our turning capabilities

  We have come a long way from the days of just a handful of employees running machines out of the garage. Stillions new facility harbors 8 machinists with over 80 years of combined experience, and plenty of room for expansion. We have geared up to take on new projects and customers and are ready when you are!


  Stillion Industries and Dexter Manufacturing Inc. joined forces in April of 2014 to better serve our customers. We know have a larger facility, more machinist and more experience. This step has accumulated more turning, milling and finishing capabilities to give us an edge over the competition. Our customers can now confide in the combined knowledge of two highly skilled, long time machine shop owners. We invite you to give us a call or sop by our facility to help with your needs.

The future of Precision Machining